Super Vet game introduces players to a world of evil and danger, as they embark on a mission to save the lives of innocent animals. In Super Vet, there exist a group of powerful and dangerous villains who pose a threat to the innocent lives of animals. These villains are the ultimate challenge for players and present a unique challenge with each encounter.
These Villains are designed to be the finest pieces of 3D NFT artwork, featuring intricate designs, detailed animations, and unique abilities that will challenge the players to the fullest. The Super Vet Villains in the game are unique and challenging characters that offer a thrilling experience for players.
For the beginning levels, the players have to defeat the following Super Vet Villains. However, more dangerous and thrilling Super Vet Villains are yet to be revealed in the upcoming levels.



Arius is a cold-blooded murderous villain hungry for animals' blood in Super Vet's 3D world, who delights in the hunt and murder of innocent animals. With his razor-sharp claws and insatiable thirst for blood, Arius is one of the most dangerous villains in the game, and a true test of the player's skill and courage.


Darth is a ruthless hunter who is known for killing and capturing animals for their fur, ivory, or any other valuable body parts. He is a cunning and merciless opponent, and player will have to use all his skills and wits to defeat this villain.


VLAD is a formidable villain in the 3D world of Super Vet, known for his aggressive behavior and large fangs which he uses to attack and feed on innocent animals. Beware of his presence in your animal rescue missions, as he poses a serious threat to the safety of the animals.