Super Vet is a blockchain-based game that aims to provide a unique gaming experience for pet lovers. It is well-positioned to tap into the growing market of blockchain gaming and the Metaverse. According to recent reports, the gaming industry is anticipated to register a CAGR of 8.94% during 2023-2028, and the industry's worth is estimated to reach $221.4 billion in 2023, with the United States having the largest market share, generating $56.84 billion in revenue. In Q3 2021, $1.3 billion was raised by blockchain games and Metaverse projects, and investors have poured more than $3.4 billion into NFT and blockchain gaming companies.
Forbes named the Metaverse one of the top ten trends to be ready for in 2023, with global spending on VR/AR, the foundation technologies of the Metaverse, expected to rise from $12 billion in 2020 to $72.8 billion in 2024. Bloomberg projected the Metaverse's economic projections to reach $800 billion by 2025 and $2.5 trillion by 2030, making Metaverse the future universe.
The global blockchain technology market size is also expected to reach USD 1,431.54 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 87.7% from 2023 to 2030, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Additionally, the number of active video gamers worldwide is projected to increase steadily from 2017 to 2027, with an estimated 3.26 billion active video gamers globally in 2023. In-game purchases are also estimated to account for more than 74 million U.S. dollars worldwide in 2025.
Given the increasing popularity of blockchain gaming and the Metaverse, Super Vet has the potential to attract a loyal customer base and significant investments, resulting in long-term success. The platform is designed to appeal to pet lovers and is unique in its combination of GameFi and Metaverse perks, making it a promising player in the gaming industry.