Super Vet offers two exciting game modes (i.e Story Mode and Campaign Mode) that provide players with different challenges and missions to rescue animals with their Super Vet characters. Both modes offer a unique and challenging experience, providing players with different gameplay experiences and opportunities to rescue animals and build their skills as great Super Vets. Whether players prefer a more structured and goal-oriented experience or a more immersive and interactive story experience, Super Vet offers a variety of game modes to meet the needs of every player.


Story Mode in Super Vet game is an immersive and engaging experience that follows the storylines of the Super Vet characters as they undertake animal rescue missions. Players can select one Super Vet and embark on animal rescue missions related to that specific character.
In this mode, players will encounter a variety of challenges and obstacles as they work to rescue animals and save them from enemies. They will use their skills as a Super Veterinarian to diagnose and treat the animals, while also navigating through various dangerous and unpredictable environments. This mode allows players to develop a deeper connection with the world of Super Vet.


Campaign Mode in Super Vet offers players a more structured and goal-oriented gaming experience. In the campaign mode, players will encounter a variety of different situations and scenarios, such as rescuing animals from enemies or saving animals that have been struck by danger. Contrary to the story mode, players are not limited to a specific Super Vet, and they can choose any Super Vet character they like or feel is best suited for the mission at hand.
Furthermore, SuperVet's campaign mode may include a training mode that allows players to practice against bots. This mode can provide a safe and controlled environment for players to improve their skills before entering real gameplay scenarios. Training mode, adaptive difficulty, and realistic opponent behavior are just some of the ways that the game's AI technology enhances the practice experience.