Step into the world of Super Vet, where animal rescue missions await you at every tier. The game boasts four tiers, each with its own set of thrilling missions to complete. Explore the Arbordome, Seacastle. Mounthold and Superverse levels to uncover unique challenges that will test your skills and wit.
But Super Vet is not just any game, it's a Play-to-Earn (P2E) adventure that rewards you for your successful mission completion. The excitement never ends as you earn exciting rewards with each mission you conquer.
The game interface is designed to help you keep track of your progress. A rescue bar at the bottom of the screen showcases your performance, and alerts you to the remaining time. The mission map displays the animal's health status, guiding you towards your goal.


There will be a rescue bar in the game which will increase when you rescue an animal. When you achieve 100% on bar your achievement level will increase accordingly.
The time frames would be different for different missions depending on the nature of the animals’ rescue.
Suppose, a player got a mission to rescue an afflicted animal in under 120 seconds. If a player completes it in just 90 seconds with a smart play by tackling the obstacles (hurdles or enemies) and obtains a good score like 70 out of 100. Then the remaining time, suppose 30 seconds and the 50% of obtained score i.e. 70/2 =>35 will be added as an aggregate to his final score and the rescue bar will be increased accordingly. (suppose 33%) in total.
For Example:
T = Total time of mission. (120s)
t = Total time taken to complete the mission. (90s)
P = Total points of mission. (100 points)
p = Points gained after completing level. (60)
Scoring formula
Total Score = ( T - t ) + (p/2)
= ( 120 - 90 ) + ( 60 / 2 ) => ( 30 + 30 ) => 60 Pts
The player will earn 60 points and his rescue bar will increase with the same percentage.

Performance Titles

When a player clears a mission, he will be able to unlock the next one or replay the previous one to boost your rescue bar status and earn tokens. Suppose, previously, you gained a 33.33% score by effective play and playing under the given time, and 1 $SVET token on clearing a mission, initially being a Rookie. Next time, on replaying the previous mission or the next one, you can earn more scores based on your new performance and another 1 $SVET token. This way, playing more to earn more tokens, you can boost your rescue bar to 100% to replace the Rookie performance title with Amateur.