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After fundraising, Super Vet is going to donate some funds as charity to different animal welfare programs and organizations. The main vision of Super Vet is to create a real-life impact so why not save the innocent souls out of the game as well!
Super Vet aims to help animals not to get extinct and to save habitats and care for their proper rehabilitation with raised funds. And one interesting use of NFT gaming is to incentivize community building and participation, token holders can be granted exclusive perks, given additional airdrops, and rewarded for using NFTs.
Super Vet aims to airdrop their exclusive and rare NFTs to the addresses of the crypto wallets of the hodlers. The airdropped NFTs on a marketplace can be bought or sold, or simply held in a crypto wallet. This means to ensure NFT airdrop— a great way of fundraising for the Animal foundations.
So, Super Vet will sell their NFTs for a good cause— a significant source of revenue for charities for the needy endangered ocean and land wildlife to help protect them and biodiversity in developing countries.